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Dates are difficult to remember, making recalling life events problematic. This is made worse by the fact that as the years go on, our memories lose clarity.


Store dates of life events in one place, and display that time-based information in a meaningful way.

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The concept of a Quantified Self has permeated many aspects of our daily lives (i.e. finance, sleep, activity tracking). One area that hasn’t had the benefit of being “everyday quantifiable” is how we spend the overall time in our lives.

What is Wendid?

Wendid will provide users with a simple reference to the dates and durations of important events in their lives. Using time as its main data point, the information will be visually interpreted in a way that is easy to understand.

This will allow people to have a visual representation of how they spend their time, and make it easy to share their timelines with friends.

User Interface

Navigation Tabs

Early on, I thought to go with a hamburger menu in the top left corner for navigation. After working through the information architecture, I realized that these four primary screens form the foundation of every user flow. Tabbed navigation was the most practical, and followed iOS human interface guidelines.

Data Visualization

Viewing Your Timeline

Organizing your life is no small task, and people process information in different ways. List view lays out details of each event for finding the specific one you are looking for, while Bars view is great for visualizing how events relate to each other over time. Boxes and Bubbles views are great for seeing which kinds of events you do spend the most time doing.

User Input

Forms Suck

An issue I wanted to avoid was requiring users to fill out form after form to input their life events. A solution to alleviate this was to connect with various social media networks to automatically import events. Facebook knows about your personal life, LinkedIn knows about your professional life, and Foursquare knows about the day-to-day places your visit.

Users can also allow the app to find current users in their contact lists. No remembering usernames, email addresses or phone numbers. Simply find a friend in the list and add them to your friends list.

Automatic Media Association

Because events are imported from social media, Wendid is able to gather its associated photos, videos, and geographic information in one place automatically.

Show Process

Early sketches to work out information architecture.

Early sketches for general UI elements and layout. Working on displaying the list of events and tabbed navigation.

Wireframes in Sketch

High Fidelity Screens in Sketch

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UX Process

User Flow 1

Add Friends From Contacts

The Dashboard tab is the default view when opening the app. Tapping the Friends tab shows the empty state of the friends list, which instructs the user to tap the Add button to find friends. A notification asks the user for approval to access their contacts before the native iOS notification, because if they dismiss the native notification it is much harder to enable it later.

The Wendid app can determine who is already a user of the service, and lets you invite all your friends currently using Wendid at one time. This option is not present for non-members, as many people have contacts they may not know very well.

User Flow 2

Add an Event From Facebook

When a new user signs up, they will likely want to add a life event to start making use of the service. After a simple sign up form, an empty dashboard prompts the user to add events.

Connecting through social media services utilizes the information that already exists, so the process is as hassle-free as possible. Connecting with the Facebook authorization presents the user with the longest events first, with the rest of their events just a tap away.

Events imported with social media have the added benefit of importing any associated photos and videos, along with date and location information.

User Flow 3

View Events 11 Years Ago

The app opens to the Dashboard. Navigating to the timeline allows you to select Bars from the View menu. In the Bars view, you can drag your finger to select events in the highlighted time period. Once highlighted, you can view more detail in list view for the selected events.


Show Process

Brainstorming for names. I was working towards the idea of time, the past, and hopefully one word. In the end I narrowed it down to Wendid and Hap’n. I chose Wendid because it seemed to directly answer the problem question.

Mood board for colors and feel. I really wanted a friendly, almost playful feel.

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