Jeff Heppert

The F5 Festival is a 2 day event focused on networking and inspiration for creative professionals. Their goal is to bring together people from art, design, and technology backgrounds to create new and exciting things. The goal for this project was to create a brand identity for the festival, as well as a motion graphics package.

Group Members

Myself Lou Fillingham Jason Woosung Kang

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Mobile App Demo Speaker Promo Video Motion Graphics Breakdown


Physical Tickets

The pieces of the logo were utilized in the physical ticket design to interact with the mobile app to facilitate meeting new people.

Mobile App

The camera in the app is able to scan the ticket of someone you meet, and allows you to save their contact information. Each person you meet contributes their shape to the larger shape of the logo. A completed logo puzzle can be redeemed for prizes or drink tickets. The camera also tracks the shape for fun animation effects to further create creative interactivity between attendees.

Promotional Video

Since a large attraction for this type of event are the professionals who give talks and demonstrations, we created a motion graphics piece to show some of the headlining speakers. In the theme of creation and collaboration, the speaker video highlights each artist with an interpretation of their style. We chose 9 artists, and created 3 original motion pieces each to include in the video.

Brand Identity

Show Process

Initial logo ideation sketches.

Playing with the idea of the logo animations.

Moodboard and word list for the look and feel of the branding.

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